Whisky – Water of Life

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If you are in Scotland and you are just a bit interested in whisky, you have to visit one or two distilleries. In the Scottish Highlands you have to much opportunities.

When travelling with children, sometimes there is the problem that not all distilleries allow children on their guided tours.

Unfortunately, as a driver you can’t really taste it, but that’s no problem.

The first distillery we tried was Glenlivet. Unfortunately, the children were not allowed to take part in the guided tour. But the employees were super nice and told us about some other distilleries that also take children on their tours.

One of them was Glenfarclas. And indeed, the children were allowed in here. The tour was good and interesting, with relatively few people. 

We also visited the shop of Glenfiddich, unfortunately there was no more time.

All 3 distilleries are Speyside-Distilleries. There are dozens of other distilleries in this area. But just 2 week are not enough by far.

The fourth distillery was the Isle of Arran Distillery on the island of the same name in the west. You can reach this island quite easily with a short ferry ride. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to visit the more famous islands of Islay and Jura. You have to plan several days, which of course was not possible this time.

Castles and Ruins

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