The Control Unit

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The circuit of the control unit for my showcase lighting is very simple. The core is the microcontroller MSP430G2553. A linear voltage regulator generates the required 3.3 V. The board has 2 connections for LED strips that are driven by a MOSFET. The brightness information is passed on to the ADC of the controller with a photoresistor and is evaluated there. Most I/O of the controller are required for the 5 capacitive touch fields and the feedback LEDs.

Dimming is done by PWM.

Assignment of the 5 touch fields:

  • Cap_Middle: Manual lighting on/off (1s touched), reset of settings (2s touched), saving of settings (3s touched); The feedback is via the surrounding LEDs
  • Cap_Up: Brighter
  • Cap_Down: Darker
  • Cap_Right: Upper turn-on threshold; A touch will take the current brightness
  • Cap_Left: Lower turn-on threshold; A touch will take the current brightness



Pictures of the Showcase Lighting

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