Tour to the “Bärwalder See”

My longest bike tour this year took me to Bärwalder See and back. On this route I passed 15 lakes. Of course, not all of them are very large.


Up to the half (up to the Bärwalder lake) the trip was easy and very relaxed. but on the way back there were also 20 km of gravel roads. Now, there is nothing to say against gravel (I have a gravel bike for that), but 20 km on a washboard track with headwind is not nice. If I should drive the tour again, then I will adapt it a little.

Senftenberger See

The first lake on the way was of course the Senftenberger See. The weather was actually quite good, not too warm or cold, but a little windy.

Geierswalder See

I continued along the southern shore of the Geierswalder See, after a short rest at the lighthouse I passed the Neuwieser See, the Bergener See,


the Scheibesee, the Dreiweiberner See.

Bärwalder See, Boxberg

And then I arrived the Bärwalder lake at the extreme southeast edge of the tour. In the immediate vicinity is the Boxberg power station, which is also easy to see.

Speicherbecken Lohsa II

The forest road along the Speicherbecken Lohsa II was quite exhausting to drive.

I continued past the Bernsteinsee, Spreetaler See, Sabrodter See, Blunoer Südsee, Partwitzer See and Sedlitzer See.

Großräschener See

I took my last rest at the “Anna Mathilde” memorial stone at the Großräschener See.

At the end the tour was 143 km long. Most of the time I could ride on bike paths. A few kilometres of road were also included. Since I was a little under time pressure, I made only short breaks (altogether 45 min) and was back after 6 hours. 

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