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Ok, only looking at castles every day may be a bit monotonous. That’s why we also visited other sites. Here I would like describe these sights briefly:

Discovery” research vessel in Dundee:
The world’s first pure research vessel. A very interesting museum has been built by the ships, which we discovered with an audio guide.  

Birthplace of J.M. Barry (Peter Pan) in Kirriemuir:
A beautiful old cottage with a beautiful small museum. Here we bought our 14 day National Trust Pass.

Forvie Sands Nature Reserve on the East Coast:
Here you can have nice walks. There is alsp a magnificent sandy beach and a seal colony.

Culloden Battlefields near Inverness:
Here we used our National Trust “Super” card again. The exhibition is a specially built museum with audio guide, which is again very detailed and interesting. In 1746 the government troops fought against the Jacobites, only about 1 hour, but very bloody. It’s kind of creepy. Afterwards we walked for another hour through the fields and had a  good look at everything there.

Scottish Dolphin Centre:
Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins here, but the stony coast is very beautiful and you can again enjoy a beautiful scenery.

Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh:
The tour to the lighthouse, which stands on a small castle, is very interesting. We were only 7 people, as opposed to the next tour, which would have 20 people on board. The associated museum is also well worth a visit.

Loch Ness Exhibition Centre:
An exhibition about the question if Nessie exists and if Nessie can exist at all, attention: Spoiler: No and no.
Actually a very nice thing, just a little bit touristic.

Historic Sites around Kilmartin:
Around Kilmartin there are several stone tombs and stone circles, which we wanted to see. We walked first to Kilmartin, then back and a bit further. After about 8 km and 3:15 h we were back.
In Kilmartin itself there is also a small, fine museum.

Inveraray Jail in Inveraray:
An old prison that is now a museum. There is a lot to see here and with the German Audio Guide everything is explained very well. It was interesting to see how it was in a prison back in time.

Three-Isles-Tour “Mull-Iona-Staffa“, starting point is Oban:
By ferry to Mulla, then over the island by bus over adventurous narrow roads and in Fionnphort entering a small ship, which brought us to the island Staffa. Here we had one hour to look at the gigantic basalt columns and the beautiful island. Finally we had some time on Iona, where you can visit an Abbey and the ruins of a Nunnery.

Crarae Gardens:
And once again, when we have no idea what to expect, we are positively surprised. This is not just another Victorian garden, but a wonderful park with an incredible variety of trees, including 12 different eucalyptus species, many tree-sized rhododendrons and trees we didn’t even know. The park contains several trails. Of course, we went almost everything. The kids really liked it, comment of the older one: “I like trees”. 

Sea Life Sanctuary near Oban:
This Sea Life is rather small and simple, not a glossy thing like in the big cities. Here the focus is more on the rescue and care of seals and other marine animals. It is very nice and recommended in rainy weather, but after 2 hours we were really through.

Weaver’s Cottage in Kilbarchan:
Another National Trust attraction. Again, it’s unexpectedly beautiful. The little one could try out the loom and enjoyed it much. And that was the last time we used our National Trust Pass. 

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