Automatic Showcase Lighting

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Perhaps you know this too: You have finally decided for a new living room furniture and maybe this includes also a glass showcase. If that would be illuminated … (I know, this is old-fashioned (or a matter of taste)). 
Something like this is well-known for a long time. Problem with this: with normal incandescent light it is expensive and if you have to switch on the lighting manually, you will not do it anyway. 
Today, LED strips are used. A problem remains: manual switch-on is uncomfortable. 
I faced this problem a while ago. 
The available automatics were expensive and / or crap and did not what I wanted anyway. 
I don’t want to have to worry about this lighting again after I first switched it on, if I don’t want to.

The following characteristics are important to me:

  • Lighting dimmable
  • Lighting is off when it is bright outside
  • Lighting is off when it is night and the room is dark
  • The thresholds for switching on and off are adjustable
  • I can save the settings (optional)


The next contributions show how I solved the challenge.

Concept of Showcase Lighting

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